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Smart Water Management Systems

Environmental Decision Support Analytics

GWP Water

Software for water supply companies.

Automatic reporting systems, observations can be stored directly on the field.

Simulates groundwater flow, keeps track on trends and does predictions.

Simple user interface with the possibility to personalize the visualization for the best analysis.


For laboratories, environmental agencies, research institutes and consultants.

Manage, store, predict, analyse, share and report the data immediately.

For a simplified data track, compares and correlates information from multiple laboratories and other sources.

Extremely flexible, can be tailored according to the laboratory needs, with personalized variables and indicators.

GWP Mining

Special tailored for the mining industry.

Simplifies the analysis report between the extraction point and the laboratory.

Contributes for a better research on the extraction management.

Simulates flows and does predictions for a better optimization on the mining operation

 From Finland to the world

From Finland to the world

We are based in the city of Oulu, the "living lab city", close to the Arctic Circle. For us, the environment is an important treasure. We aim that our position in the sector may contribute to fight the water scarcity for human consumption, protect the environment from possible damages caused by agriculture or industry, and prevent water catastrophes.
Finland is the greenest country in the world and in the top as innovative cleantech country. Here surface water resources are abundant, however groundwater is the main water source. We've been collaborating since 2012 with governmental institutions and supply companies for a better environmental management.

We can help you with more simplicity, efficiency and control!